CNDP  22.08.0
txbuff Struct Reference

#include <txbuff.h>

Data Fields

txbuff_error_fn error_cb
void * userdata
uint32_t txtype
uint16_t size
uint16_t length
pktmbuf_tpkts []
void * info
uint16_t lport_id

Detailed Description

Structure used to buffer packets for future TX Used by APIs txbuff_add and txbuff_flush

examples/cli/main.c, examples/cndpfwd/acl-func.c, examples/cndpfwd/main.c, and examples/dlb_test/dlb_test.c.

Definition at line 44 of file txbuff.h.

Field Documentation

◆ info

void* info

xskdev_info_t pointer for TXBUFF_XSKDEV_FLAG

Definition at line 47 of file txbuff.h.

◆ lport_id

uint16_t lport_id

lport ID for pktdev API

Definition at line 48 of file txbuff.h.

◆ error_cb

txbuff_error_fn error_cb

TX Buffer error callback function

Definition at line 50 of file txbuff.h.

◆ userdata

void* userdata

Userdata for error and count callbacks

Definition at line 51 of file txbuff.h.

◆ txtype

uint32_t txtype

the type of txbuff pktdev or xskdev

Definition at line 52 of file txbuff.h.

◆ size

uint16_t size

Size of buffer for buffered tx


Definition at line 53 of file txbuff.h.

◆ length

uint16_t length

Number of packets in the array

Definition at line 54 of file txbuff.h.

◆ pkts

pktmbuf_t* pkts[]

Pending packets to be sent on explicit flush or when full

Definition at line 55 of file txbuff.h.

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