CNDP Release 22.08

August 30, 2022 by CNDP Team

New Features
  • TCP stack support added to CNET (Experimental)
  • Go bindings and API restructure
  • Rust bindings and API restructure
  • MsgChan library added for message passing between threads and Go to C code
  • Ring library supports user-allocated memory to prepare for multi-process
  • Pktmbuf library supports external metadata to prepare for larger metadata needed for IPv6
  • GitHub Actions for unit tests, clang-format, and linting
  • Update VPP CNDP plugin to run on VPP 22.02
  • Fedora 35 container support
  • Updates for libbpf 0.5.0, and 0.8.0
  • Support for libxdp 1.2.0
  • Fuzz tests for log, mempool, and mmap libraries
  • Unit tests for cne, metrics, and cthread libraries
  • Logical port group fixes in json parser
  • Updates to memif PMD
  • Header fixes for C/C++ compilation


Building Cloud Native Network Functions using Rust

July 25, 2022 by CNDP Team

The Rust programming language has been steadily gaining popularity over the last several years. Many developers and companies use Rust in production today for fast, low-resource, cross-platform solutions. Rust is fast and memory efficient, with no runtime or garbage collector. It also has a rich type-system and ownership model with guarantees for memory and thread safety which eliminates many classes of bugs at compile-time. Rust’s predictable performance, low resource footprint, reliability, security, and fearless concurrency at scale makes it a good candidate for building Cloud native Network Functions (CNFs).


5G Mobility Edge

June 07, 2022 by CNDP Team

It is no secret that mainstream Data Center applications are migrating to cloud. Similarly in the Security and Wireless Communications industry, this trend is emerging as well. Security applications such as Firewall, DDoS prevention, WAF, etc., have a natural affinity since the business logic has already moved in this direction and requires protection and portability. Over the last two decades, all major security and networking appliances become virtualized on-premise and in the public cloud, untethered and agnostic from hardware they run on. Also, as telecom and enterprise customers adopted the hybrid cloud strategy, the need for platform portability gained more momentum as customers may have a different cloud platform on-premise and in the public cloud while using the same networking functions.


CNDP Technology Guide

May 26, 2022 by CNDP Team

The CNDP Technology Guide is now available to download from the Intel® Network Builders document library.


Enabling a cloud-based framework for networking

May 11, 2022 by Rajesh Gadiyar

The Motivation for CNDP

As software has moved to the cloud, software development has also changed; from virtual machines to containers and from monolithic to microservices. But the ability to deploy and manage networking functions efficiently in a cloud native environment has been lacking. Intel has been looking into this gap and developed CNDP, an open-source solution to address cloud native networking.


CNDP Webinar

May 05, 2022 by CNDP Team

A webinar about CNDP was recorded for the Intel® Network Builders Insights Series.


CNDP Release 22.04

April 14, 2022 by CNDP Team

New Features
  • Update CNI to do ethtool filter programming
  • Add –no-color option to cndpfwd to remove color text
  • Moved K8s device plugin to separate repo
  • Added alternative to docker with CRI-O and Podman support
  • Added support to allow CNDP to be built on Alpine Linux containers
  • Update the documentation for public release, API documentation and guides
  • xdpdev API has been deprecated, removed documentation and references
  • Added better logging support for k8s container systems
  • Fixed many minor bugs, increased performance and other improvements
  • Add first draft of CNDP go-binding routines