CNDP  22.08.0
pktmbuf_info_s Struct Reference

#include <pktmbuf.h>

Public Member Functions

 TAILQ_ENTRY (pktmbuf_info_s) next

Data Fields

void * addr
void * pd
mbuf_ops_t ops
uint32_t bufcnt
uint32_t bufsz
uint32_t cache_sz
uint32_t metadata_bufsz
char * metadata

Detailed Description

Information structure for pktmbuf buffer and related information.

examples/cndpfwd/parse-args.c, examples/cnet-graph/parse-args.c, examples/cnet-quic/parse-args.c, examples/dlb_test/parse-args.c, and examples/l3fwd-graph/parse-args.c.

Definition at line 77 of file pktmbuf.h.

Member Function Documentation


TAILQ_ENTRY ( pktmbuf_info_s  )

Next pktmbuf_info structure entry

Field Documentation

◆ name

pktmbuf_info name string can be empty

Definition at line 79 of file pktmbuf.h.

◆ addr

void* addr

Address of pktmbuf array

Definition at line 80 of file pktmbuf.h.

◆ pd

void* pd

Pool data pointer i.e. mempool pointer like value

Definition at line 81 of file pktmbuf.h.

◆ ops

pktmbuf functions pointers

Definition at line 82 of file pktmbuf.h.

◆ bufcnt

uint32_t bufcnt

Number of buffers created

Definition at line 83 of file pktmbuf.h.

◆ bufsz

uint32_t bufsz

Size of each buffer

Definition at line 84 of file pktmbuf.h.

◆ cache_sz

uint32_t cache_sz

Cache size if needed for allocation cache

Definition at line 85 of file pktmbuf.h.

◆ metadata_bufsz

uint32_t metadata_bufsz

Size of of metadata buffers

Definition at line 86 of file pktmbuf.h.

◆ metadata

char* metadata

Pointer to metadata buffers

Definition at line 87 of file pktmbuf.h.

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