CNDP  22.08.0
cne_private.h File Reference
#include <stdint.h>
#include <sys/queue.h>
#include <cne_common.h>
#include <uid.h>

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#define CNE_MAGIC_ID   0x20180403


typedef void(* on_exit_fn_t) (int sig, void *arg, int exit_type)

Detailed Description

API for CNE private routines.

Definition in file cne_private.h.

Macro Definition Documentation


#define CNE_MAGIC_ID   0x20180403

CNE structure valid magic cookie value

Definition at line 25 of file cne_private.h.

Typedef Documentation

◆ on_exit_fn_t

typedef void(* on_exit_fn_t) (int sig, void *arg, int exit_type)

The typedef for the on exit function pointer.

sigThe signal number supplied in the signal handler function.
argThe user supplied argument used as an argument to the exit_fn function.
exit_typeThe type of exit signal or exit() was called, CNE_CAUGHT_SIGNAL or CNE_CALLED_EXIT

Definition at line 37 of file cne_private.h.