1. Introduction

This document provides software architecture information, development environment information and optimization guidelines.

For programming examples and for instructions on compiling and running each sample application, see the CNDP Sample Applications User Guide.

For general information on compiling and running applications, see the CNDP Linux Getting Started Guide.

1.1. Documentation Roadmap

The following is a list of documents in the suggested reading order:

  • Getting Started Guide: First step to get started with CNDP.

  • Release Notes: Release-specific information including new features, limitations, and fixed and known issues.

  • Programmer’s Guide (this document): The software architecture and contents of CNDP.

  • Poll Mode Drivers (PMD) Guide: The drivers implementing the pktdev API.

  • API Reference: Detailed information about CNDP functions, data structures, and other programming constructs.

  • Sample Applications User Guide: Describe the collection of sample applications. Each chapter describes a sample application that showcases specific functionality with instructions on how to use the sample application.

  • Test-cne: Describe the unit test framework.